Can I appeal an action by ICD?

Applicants have the right to appeal an action by ICD. A written notice of appeal must be submitted within 60 days of service deliverable to ICD for review by the appropriate ICD staff. Applicants are notified as to whether appeal request is granted or denied. Granted appeal requests are reviewed by the ICD Appeals Committee in accordance with the ICD Appeals Procedure.

A new service fee of $500 will be charged to applicants who have submitted an Appeal Request that has been granted a review by the ICD Appeals Committee. Eligible applicants will receive information and notification regarding the Appeals Procedure and will be instructed to submit their payment online. Appeal requests supported by the Appeals Committee are eligible for a refund of the service fee charged. Applicants should not remit payment until they have received the Official Appeals Procedure that explains the process in detail.


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ICD No Longer Accepting Paper Applications and Payment

ICD only accepts digital applications and online credit card payments. Checks, money orders, and paper applications mailed to ICD will be sent back to you.