Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General (15)

What documents are required to complete my ICD evaluation?

Notarized* photocopies of all diplomas, certificate and degrees you have been awarded. A Request for Academic Records/Transcripts Evaluation form must be completed by every post-secondary school you attended even if you did not complete the program of study. This form … Continue reading

What is included in an evaluation?

All evaluations include all schools attended outside the United States, academic qualifications and dates earned along with the comparability to the U.S. educational system.

Does ICD accept faxes of my documents?

No. All documents must be sent to ICD by postal mail or through an express courier service.

Will ICD accept my original documents?

No. ICD will only accept notarized* copies of your documents. All documents submitted to ICD become the property of ICD, so we cannot return your original documents. *ICD applicants can now use NotaryCam to notarize and submit documents from anywhere … Continue reading

What if my documents are not in English?

If your documents are not in English, you must submit a English translation that includes a certification by the translator that he or she is proficient in English and the language of the documents. You cannot translate your own documents. … Continue reading

How long does ICD keep my documents and my file?

Any documents submitted for your evaluation and your file are retained for three years.

How can I request additional unofficial applicant copies of my evaluation?

If you need an additional copy of your evaluation, you must send a letter in writing via postal mail requesting an additional unofficial copy of your evaluation. This letter must include the name and address of the recipient of the … Continue reading

How long does it take to complete my evaluation?

The time to complete your evaluation depends on the type of evaluation you have requested, the number of schools you have attended, and any additional research or verification required. Once all required documents have been received and reviewed, the length of … Continue reading

How can I contact ICD if I have questions?

If you have questions about your application or evaluation, ICD’s Applicant Navigation Services staff is available Monday through Friday from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time at +1-215-243-5858. ICD can be contacted by email at

What can I do if my school has closed and cannot send my transcripts or other documents?

If your school has closed or is no longer operating, contact the ministry of education, ministry of health, or another appropriate government agency to see where your school has transferred your records.

What can I do if the licensure or registration agency in my country has closed?

If the agency that issued your professional licensure or registration has closed, contact the appropriate government office, such as the ministry of health or the ministry of education, for information on your professional licensure.

What can I do if my school has been destroyed due to war or natural disaster and cannot send my transcripts or other documents?

If your school has been destroyed due to war or natural disaster, ICD will accept notarized* copies of any documents you may have once we have verified that your school, as well as your school records, have been destroyed. *Note: ICD … Continue reading

What can I do if I am in the United States in refugee or asylee status, and it is difficult or dangerous for me to request my transcripts or other documents.

If you are in the United States in refugee or asylee status, ICD will accept notarized copies of any documents you have. These must submitted along with a notarized copy* of your I-94 or other documentation of your immigration status. … Continue reading

Will U.S. colleges or universities accept all the credits listed on my course-by-course evaluation?

Each college and university in the United States has its own requirements for accepting credits completed outside the United States. ICD’s evaluations are advisory only, so each school makes its own decision on credits.

Can I appeal an action by ICD?

Applicants have the right to appeal an action by ICD. A written notice of appeal must be submitted within 60 days of service deliverable to ICD for review by the appropriate ICD staff. Applicants are notified as to whether appeal … Continue reading

Physical Therapy (4)

Will an ICD physical therapy evaluation give me a physical therapist license in the U.S.?

No. Your ICD physical therapy evaluation is just one part of your application for physical therapist licensure in the United States. Contact the board of physical therapy in the state where you wish to be licensed for information on physical … Continue reading

Can a physical therapist apply for a physical therapist assistant evaluation?

Yes. Physical therapists can apply for a physical therapist assistant evaluation, except in the state of Florida.

Can I apply for a physical therapy evaluation if I have not completed my physical therapist education program?

No. We can only evaluate applicants who have completed a physical therapist education program and have been awarded a diploma or degree.

My physical therapist education was combined with my secondary school education. Can I apply for a physical therapy evaluation?

No. We can only evaluate applicants who have completed a post-secondary physical therapist education program.