Notarization with NotaryCam

NotaryCam provides on-line access to state licensed and commissioned notaries that meet International Consultants of Delaware (ICD) notarization requirements. NotaryCam eliminates the need for you to visit a Notary/Consulate in person and to mail your document(s) to ICD.

International Consultants of Delaware (ICD) has made it easier for applicants to get documents notarized through NotaryCam. Applicants needing to submit a notarized document to ICD can now do it from their computer or mobile device right from their home.

NotaryCam offers a price of $25 per notarized document for ICD applicants — no matter where you are located. NotaryCam will also send your notarized documents directly to ICD.

For assistance with using NotaryCam, please contact or (800) 931-7423.

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