ICD Application Terms and Conditions


The following clarifies the obligations of the provider (ICD) and the applicant (you) of the ICD credentials evaluation as well as the manner in which this service is provided.

  • ICD reserves the right to evaluate any material it deems applicable to the ICD credentials evaluation application.
    No evaluation is initiated until a completed application and full payment is received by ICD.
  • Applications remain open for 12 months from the date of receipt. Applicants who do not submit all the required documents and information requested by ICD within the first 12 months from the date of receipt of the application will have their files closed and must submit a new application and appropriate fees to re-open their files.
  • Fees, as published in this application, are subject to change and are non-refundable.
  • ICD’s evaluations provide assistance in understanding foreign educational credentials by comparing them to the U.S. educational system. ICD’s opinions are strictly advisory and recipients of ICD evaluations make their own decisions and interpretations based on the information provided in the evaluation.


Please note: every applicant must check the box to agree to these terms and conditions on the checkout page. Do not submit this application if you do not understand and/or agree to the following terms:

  • I agree to the Terms and Conditions of the International Consultants of Delaware credentials evaluation as outlined.
  • I certify that all information that ICD has received from me as a part of this application or in the past, or from a third party on my behalf, is true and complete.
  • I certify that all documents that have been submitted to ICD for any purpose have not been falsified, altered, or tampered with by me or any other person.
  • I understand that ICD and others will rely on this application and on the documents and information submitted to support this application, and that if any of these documents or information are falsified, altered, or tampered with, or if I alter an ICD credentials evaluation or misrepresent a copy as an original ICD evaluation, ICD may take such disciplinary action against me asit deems appropriate, and the consequences could adversely affect my professional license, immigration status, employment,and other matters from which I release ICD from all liability.
  • I release ICD from any liability for damages resulting from a credentials evaluation and agree to reimburse ICD for any and all costs, including legal expenses, which ICD may incur as a result of any claim I, or anyone having an interest in my earnings or services, may make based upon the evaluation determination. Further, I release ICD from any liability for the loss or damage to documents submitted to support an application for evaluation.
  • I authorize ICD to contact any relevant institutions, government authorities or ministries, testing services, or examinations authorities for verification purposes, and/or to request any additional information needed prior to completing the evaluation,and to disclose the information and documents in this application, the status of any evaluations, verifications or evaluations prepared by ICD, any other information obtained by ICD, and the results and reasons for any adverse action taken against me byICD to any person organization I designate in writing or to any other recipient which ICD may determine has a legitimate interest in receiving the same, such as government agencies and potential employers.
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